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Designers, manufacturers, and sellers of products do not always live up to the requirements of our laws. Damaged or defective products can result in accident or injury to the user—or even bystanders—when these products are used at home or at work. Though injuries caused by product defects can happen hundreds of different ways, the end goal is the same—to compensate you for personal injury, emotional distress, property damage, or other loss you experienced as a result of the injury.

Types of Defects

According to West Virginia law, if a product is not reasonably safe for its intended use, it can be considered defective.

There are three kinds of product defects in liability cases:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Use defects (failure to warn)

Various evidence can show that there was a design or manufacturing defect in a product. But if the product became defective with use, or was simply dangerous, you may still have a case. If the person responsible for the product failed to warn you of the defect or danger before you used it, they can be held liable.

Presenting Your Case

If a defective product has injured you or a loved one, we can help. At Shaffer Madia Law, we have represented numerous clients in cases where a defective product is at issue.

There are two keys to a liability case: first, proving that the product defect was the cause of the accident or injury. Even if other factors were involved, if the accident or injury would not have happened without the defective product, you’ve got the start of a claim.

The second key is proving that the accident resulted in damages that should be repaid. Often, this means personal injury damages, but emotional distress and property damage may also be relevant. In cases where the accident resulted in death, families can also be compensated for funeral expenses, loss of income and protection, and more.

Hold the people who caused your injury responsible. Call the Shaffer Madia Law injury lawyers at (304) 244-4433 to learn more about product liability in Morgantown.

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