Who pays for injuries in an Uber or Lyft car wreck case?

Uber Accident

In the last year Shaffer Madia Law has handled four separate car wreck cases involving Uber or Lyft drivers. Given the increase in Uber/Lyft cases we thought this blog would be helpful. Determining fault in a car wreck case can be straightforward once you understand how the wreck was caused. But who pays to compensate innocent victims after an Uber or Lyft car wreck case?

These days, millions of Americans use popular rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft to arrive at their destinations conveniently and safely. However, Uber and Lyft drivers get into car wrecks just like any other driver, and when that happens, injured individuals may be wondering whether the driver or rideshare company is responsible. The answer depends on the nature of the wreck.

Uber & Lyft Insurance Policies

Many states, including West Virginia, attempt to regulate rideshare companies by requiring Uber and Lyft drivers to maintain bodily injury auto insurance coverage of $25,000 person maximum and $50,000 per crash. Uber and Lyft usually provide insurance coverage up to $1,000,000, per crash, but there’s a catch. Uber/Lyft drivers may be considered independent contractors, not employees, a fact that companies will use to distance themselves from car wrecks and deny liability for injuries.

Holding companies like Uber and Lyft responsible for injuries is complex, but can often be necessary to access higher insurance limits.

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