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If you’ve been charged with a crime, it can feel like the system has already convicted you. But it shouldn’t be that way. Accused criminals are innocent until proven guilty so that evidence can be considered and testimony heard at trial. This prevents individuals from being unfairly punished and keeps penalties from being too severe for the crime.

The criminal defense lawyers at Shaffer Madia Law in Clarksburg have both prosecuted and defended a wide variety of cases. We believe all individuals have a right to a fair trial, even when public opinion is against you. Our experience in the criminal justice system gives us a unique perspective that allows us to build a strong case for our clients.

    Our firm serves clients in Clarksburg and the surrounding areas. Contact us today or call (304) 244-4433.

    Shaffer Madia Law has defended individuals in a wide variety of cases, such as:

    • Felonies
    • Misdemeanors
    • DUI
    • Sex crimes
    • Assault and battery
    • Domestic violence
    • Murder
    • Homicide
    • Drug crimes
    • Theft

    Your Rights When Accused

    Remember, the law provides certain protections for individuals accused of crimes. You don’t have to volunteer information to the police, and you shouldn’t say anything before consulting with a lawyer. You also don’t have to submit to a search of your home or vehicle without a warrant. Make sure the police and prosecutors are staying within the bounds of the law.

    Our Experience

    Attorney Joe Shaffer has decades of experience on all sides of the criminal justice system. He has been successful in defending criminal cases but also has an understanding of the strategies and aims of a prosecution lawyer. With his knowledge and experience, he knows how to build a strong, effective case to defend against a variety of criminal charges.

    Don’t just hope for the best outcome in your criminal case. Fight for it. Call (304) 244-4433 for more information about Shaffer Madia Law’s criminal defense attorneys in Clarksburg.

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    • “This team made me feel like I was number one priority and never put me on a back burner.”

      Misty F.

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      Melissa B.

    • “Sam Madia, represented my deceased brother in a case of wrongful death upon which Sam made each one of us feel as though my little brother was guiding his hands”

      James U.

    • “I’m extremely happy with the results, I would recommend this firm and Sam without hesitation.”

      David W.

    • “I couldn’t imagine having any other person represent me in my case, than Sam.”

      Courtney J.

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      Mark S.

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      D. Bolden

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      Kyle L

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      Lora S.

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      Anthony S.

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      Lindsay S.

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      Suzanne C.

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    • Decades of Experience on All Sides of the Criminal Justice System

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    • Sam Madia Has Experience as a Former Insurance Defense Attorney

    • Joe Shaffer Was Harrison County Prosecuting Attorney for Two Decades

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